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PlayStation™Now: 7-Day Trial

Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC
Released May 19, 2015


After your 7-day trial, a paid monthly subscription will begin automatically and $19.99 + tax will be deducted from your wallet each month until you cancel. If your wallet has insufficient funds, your default payment method will be charged. To avoid being charged, you must cancel before the trial’s end. To cancel, go to [Settings]>[Account Manag.]>[Account Info]>[PlayStation Subs.] on PS4 or see “How to Cancel” below. Enrolling in trial turns on your wallet’s auto funding setting. Price may change.

PlayStation Now is the subscription service that lets you stream hundreds of PS4, PS3, and PS2 games, and download more than 300 PS4 games to your PS4. The 7-day free trial lets you explore the entire PS Now catalog of over 750 games, including PlayStation exclusives, greatest hits, acclaimed masterpieces, and games for the whole family.

* PC Minimum Requirements

• Windows 7 (SP 1), 8.1 or 10

• Core i3 2.0 GHz

• 300 MB

• 2 GB RAM

• Sound card; USB port

PlayStation Now games may lack some of the features of downloaded or disc-based games. For details, visit


To use this free trial, you need a credit, debit card or other valid payment method, a free account with PlayStation™Network (“PSN”), a PlayStation Now compatible device (including compatible Windows PC or PS4), a compatible DUALSHOCK®4 controller, and a 5Mbs or greater broadband Internet connection. You also need to accept the PlayStation Network Terms of Service. Service availability and performance may vary by area or other factors.

When you enroll in this service, the automatic wallet funding setting in your PlayStation Network account will be turned ON to fund all purchases using the default payment method associated with your account, if any. This means that if your wallet does not have enough funds to cover any subscription charge, the system will charge the default payment method associated with your account, if any. For details, refer to the Terms of Service and User Agreement.

PlayStation Now Subscription trial offers are valid for new subscribers only and may be redeemed only once per user and per account; additional redemptions and extensions are void. The PlayStation Now 7-Day Trial is only available to U.S. residents and Canadian residents with a PlayStation Network account who are 18 years or older. High-speed broadband Internet service (5Mbs or greater) is required for download and access to certain content, features and benefits. Users are responsible for associated fees. Use of PlayStation Network and PlayStation Now are subject to the PlayStation Network Terms of Service and User Agreement and applicable privacy policy. PlayStation Network and PlayStation Now subscription games, features and offerings are subject to change without notice, including but not limited to the removal of games from the subscription service.


Canceling your subscription from a PS4 System:

Sign in to PlayStation Network, then go to [Settings] > [Account Management] > [Account Information] > [PlayStation Subscriptions]. After selecting the subscription you want to cancel, select [Turn Off Auto-Renew].

Canceling your subscription from a Computer:

Visit the link below, sign in to PlayStation Network, and then go to the Media section. After selecting the subscription you want to cancel, cancel the automatic subscription renewal.

Streaming games may differ from, or lack some of the features, that can be found in downloaded or disc-based games. In addition, only PS Plus members can transfer saved game data between streaming and downloaded games.

Streaming games:
• Are streamed at a maximum resolution of 720p.
• Are streamed in stereo only. Surround sound is not supported.
• Do not support user-generated media functionalities.
• Can only auto-save data to PlayStation Now cloud storage. This allows data to be accessed from any PlayStation Now compatible device.
• Do not support PlayStation Plus auto-upload to online storage. PlayStation Plus cloud saves can be transferred manually to PS Now, and vice versa, using the Save Data Management functionality on PS4.
• Are not compatible with DLC that is compatible with downloaded or disc-based games. Some streaming games may include bundled content that was available as DLC for downloaded or disc-based games.
• Do not provide access to in-game stores.
• Do not support sharing or recording via Share Play, Broadcast or the Share button while streaming.
• Do not support optional game components such as PS Camera and/or PS VR.

When playing PlayStation Now games:
• On a PS4 system, up to four DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controllers are compatible. Other peripherals are not supported.
• On a PC, up to two wired DUALSHOCK®4 or two wired DUALSHOCK®3 controllers are compatible. For the best experience, plug in a DUALSHOCK®4 controller, or use the DUALSHOCK®4 wirelessly with a DUALSHOCK®4 USB Wireless Adapter (sold separately). Some PS4 games require use of a touch pad, which is only available on a DUALSHOCK®4 controller.
• On a PC, some third party Xinput controllers may work with PS Now, but full compatibility with the service is not guaranteed. For more details, visit
• While streaming, some companion app functionality may not work as expected.
• Streaming users may be required to wait to gain access to certain titles during periods of high traffic.
• The games included in the subscription (and features of each game) are subject to change at any time.
• For PS Now on PC, minimum PC system requirements (including controller) apply, see for more information.
• Interface and network features may not be accessible when playing streaming games. A PlayStation Now streaming menu will allow access to some PlayStation Network features while playing games on PS Now. However, users must use their console, or the PS Messages mobile app for messaging with Friends.
• If the PS4 is set as a Primary PS4, users age 18+ who are not PS Now subscribers will be able to play PS Now games from the game’s shortcut icon (displayed on the PS4 Home Content Launcher) as well as in the PS Now application.
• You can play downloaded games offline, but you must connect to the internet once a week to validate your PS Now membership.
• Users will not be able to use add-ons for downloaded games if their subscription lapses. But they’ll be able to use them again as soon as they renew their subscription or purchase the game.

These PlayStation Network features will be unavailable when playing streaming games:
• The Share button
• Importing/exporting content
• Video chat
• Social media access
• Using controller motion input while using the PS4 keyboard
• Share Play
• Broadcast
• PS Camera