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If you like space shooter and space invader games, you should try this version of a galaxy shoot 'em up.
Galactic war in space and endless waves of alien spaceships are waiting for you!

Backstory of the galaxy space shooter Cazzarion:
Aliens attack from space. Stop the aggressive alien spaceships in a battle in an alien galaxy to protect Earth. In endless waves, the alien invader will attack you and your spaceship to reach our home planet.
It's up to you to prevent the fall of our civilization!

In this shoot 'em up you will face an alien bullet storm. The ever-increasing number of projectiles and enemies pose a great challenge in this game.

Shoot the enemies from space with your laser weapon. Your spaceship has an infinite amount of ammunition. All you have to do is steer your ship left and right and fire your weapon.
Every time you hit an enemy ship or asteroid you get points towards your high score.
You can destroy the enemy projectiles with your laser weapon. Hitting and destroying an enemy projectile will give you additional points.
If your own ship is hit by an enemy projectile, your ship will be damaged. After a few hits on your ship you lose a life. At the start you have 4 lives and after losing all lives the next round can be started to increase the high score and achieve the next trophy.
The game starts off easy at first. But every time you destroy an enemy ship or asteroid, the game becomes more difficult. After some time you will be confronted with an alien bullet hell.

- 3 different game modes in one game. Play Space Invaders, Space Shooter and UFO Attack
- Realistic 3D spaceship models
- Realistic explosion and fire effects in space with high quality explosion sound
- Background with realistic planets and moving moons in planetary orbit
- Different alien spaceships, each with different weapons
- Alien stealth bomber spaceships
- Endless challenging alien waves
- With each alien wave the fight becomes more difficult

Armin Unold
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