Trials Fusion: Riders of the Rustlands

Ubisoft Entertainment
Game Experience May Change During Online Play, Mild Language, Mild Violence
  • Online play optional
Game Experience May Change During Online Play, Mild Language, Mild Violence

Explore a whole new, decrepit side of Trials Fusion in Riders of the Rustlands.

The utopian society in the world of Trials Fusion had long forgotten the group of outcasts that were not born into the same wealth of the higher class. Ignored by the government and left to their own devices, these outsiders were forced to build their own 'society' out of the scraps they scavenged.

The lack of law and order makes this place a dog-eat-dog world. Can you survive the uncertainty and dangers when you venture into the Rustlands?

Video output in Full HD 1080p requires 1080p native display.

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1 player
1080p HD Video Output
Online Play (Optional)

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