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  • Puzzle


SEGA of America, Inc.
PSN Game Released Jun 25, 2009
261 Ratings


Immerse yourself in this addictive puzzler that's all about strategically twisting and connecting mismatched dials to save precious droplitz. Just making a single junction is child's play can you master the art of the combo or will you let your pipes runneth over? Be warned: losing too many droplitz can be hazardous to your ability to win. With four unique play modes, a variety of board sizes, and infinite replayability, Droplitz™ promises to drain all your time away.

Key features:
• Four game modes with distinct layers of complexity keep the challenge fresh.
• Ever increasing speeds and larger boards ensure that there will always be a challenge ahead!
• Online leaderboards and 12 trophies mean that when you're the best, everyone will know it.

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