Sakura Wars Legacy of Love Bundle

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Blood, Language, Partial Nudity, Sexual Themes, Violence
Blood, Language, Partial Nudity, Sexual Themes, Violence

A special set that pays tribute to the previous Sakura Wars titles. Contains two sets of costumes for Sakura Amamiya, Hatsuho Shinonome, Azami Mochizuki, Anastasia, and Claris, one costume for Seijiro Kamiyama, as well as four BGM Collection Packs from the Sakura Wars franchise to be used in 'Sakura Wars”
Ogami's Outfit (Kamiyama)
Sakura Shinguji's Outfit (Sakura)
Maria's Outfit (Hatsuho)
Kanna Kirishima's Outfit (Azami)
Kohran's Outfit (Anastasia)
Reni's Outfit (Claris)
Gemini's Outfit (Sakura)
Glycine's Outfit (Hatsuho)
Hanabi's Outfit (Azami)
Erica's Outfit (Anastasia)
Diana's Outfit (Claris)
BGM Collection (Sakura Wars 1 + 4)
BGM Collection (Sakura Wars 2)
BGM Collection (Sakura Wars 3)
BGM Collection (Sakura Wars 5)
*After installing, the content can be used by changing the settings in the 'Extra Content' section of the main menu. Outfits and accessories can be changed for each character.

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