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Blood, Strong Language, Suggestive Themes, Use of Alcohol, Violence
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Blood, Strong Language, Suggestive Themes, Use of Alcohol, Violence
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The Deluxe Upgrade Bundle contains 6 DLC sets for Like a Dragon: Ishin!
- Shinsengumi Captain's Set
- Ryoma Growth Support Kit
- Sword Upgrade Materials Kit
- Gun Upgrade Materials Kit
- Third Division Armament Expansion Kit
- The Dragon of Dojima Skin

The Dragon of Dojima Skin can only be purchased with this bundle and is not sold separately.

The Shinsengumi Captain's Set includes:
- Extra Diffiulty level "Ishin"
- Skin: Scarred Ryoma
- Skin: Shinobi Ryoma
- Skin: Kabuki Ryoma
- Skin: Chicken Ryoma
- Haori: Fiery Soul
- Haori: Golden
- Haori: Big Catch
- Haori: Cherry Blossom
- Haori: Midnight
- Haori: Dawn of the Tojo
- Haori: Great Beauty
- Haori: Proud Sumo
- Haori: Sushi Served Fresh
- Haori: Elegant Teacup
- Haori: Dragon Samurai
- Haori: Festival Wear

The Ryoma Growth Support Kit contains:
- Red Daifuku X3
- Yellow Daifuku x3
- Blue Daifuku x3
- Green Daifuku x3
- Training Daifuku x3
- Sacrifice Stone x1

The Sword Upgrade Materials Kit contains:
- Pearl x1
- Fluorite x1
- Marksman's Fan x1
- Precious Steel x15
- Silver Scrap x20
- Gold Nugget x20
- Gold Chunk x20
- Kiwami Hammer x1
- Kiwami Seal x2

The Gun Upgrade Materials Kit contains:
- Obsidian Chunk x1
- Marksman's Fan x1
- Dragon Whisker x1
- Exquisite Cogwheel x20
- Rusty Spring x20
- Small Wind-up Device x15
- Gold Hammer x1
- Kiwami Hammer x1
- Kiwami Seal x2

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