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  • Mild Violence
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World of Tanks - Strange Beasts

Vehicle Released Oct 9, 2019


Unleash the Strange Beasts and terrorize your opponents! The Gorynych KV-5 has great armor, spotting and a gun capable of delivering 300 damage. The Kaiju O-I is THE Notorious BIG: Big Damage, Big armor, Big Spotting. The Dragon Type 62 uses its good spotting, low profile and permanent camouflage to be a great scout. The nightmare of the Bog Horror: a 320 damage Gun attached to a well armored turret that also comes with preferential matchmaking! These Tanks make you eligible to participate in the Monster Drop Op.
Bundle includes:
• Gorynych KV-5
• Konstantin Bessmertniy crew
• Kaiju O-I
• Kyodaina Kaibutsu crew
• Dragon Type 62
• Bog Horror
• x2 Crew XP in multiplayer mode from October 1 - November 4
• Monster Drop Op
Earn a random drop for each victory in a Monster Tank in Multiplayer or Monsters Awakened Mode (Op will be active from October 1 - November 4)
NOTE: All Premium vehicles come with a 100% trained Crew, their own Garage slot, and a mix of standard and Premium ammo.

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