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World of Warships: Legends – Classic Charleston

Character Released Dec 9, 2019


This is an exclusive PlayStation®Plus offer.
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Rock the tempo for free with the Classic Charleston bundle! Old school and entirely covered in guns, Charleston has no problems in a brawl.
Set sail with Premium Account time, boosters, credits, camos, and Commander XP—all for free!

This bundle contains:
- Charleston Tier II ship
- 3 days of Premium Account
- 15x rare ship XP boosters
- 15x rare credits boosters
- 15x rare Commander XP boosters
- 15x rare Global XP boosters
- 15x rare battle boosters
- 1,000,000 credits
- 10x Type 3 camouflages
- 10x Type 4 camouflages
- 37,000 Commander XP

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Network Players 2-18
20GB minimum save size
Online Play (Required)

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