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  • Fantasy Violence
  • Shooter
  • Action

Wanted Corp.

Zoo Games, Inc.
PSN Game
48 Ratings


Wanted Corp. is an action-shooter featuring Neal Maddogg and Irina-Ys, two of the most charismatic intergalactic bounty hunters around.

Use weapons, magical and mobile robots to neutralize and capture colossal giants, mechanical drones and highly evolved level bosses in an effort to maximize your profits.

Wanted Corp. includes:

• Confrontations Galore: Take down a multitude of cranky creatures and intergalactic nasties (who all probably hate you).
• Mostly Superficial Story: Yep, the story is mostly irrelevant. Play the game. Now!
• Lush Environments: Buckets of levels set in jungles, swamps and a "Secret Base." Ooh, secret-y.
• Bragging Rights: Trophies and your name on a world-wide leader board. Aw yeahz.
• Modes Aplenty: Single-Player, co-operative Multi-Player and Free Modes. Play by yourself or grab a friend.
• Come Back For More: Re-complete missions multiple times to earn more points and more money. You greedy...

PhysX Technology provided under license from NVIDIA Corporation. Copyright ©2002-2011 NVIDIA Corporation. All rights reserved. “Wanted Corp.” © 2011 Eko Software. Published and distributed by ZOO PUBLISHING, INC. COPYRIGHT 2011 ZOO PUBLISHING, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED PlayStation®Move features require PlayStation®Move motion controller and PlayStation®Eye (sold separately).

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