Topwater Midnight Pack

Topwater Midnight Pack

Fishing Planet LLC
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ESRB Everyone
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Fishing Planet: Lucky Start Bundle

    Fishing Planet 2.0: Free Starter Bundle


        Fishing Planet: Golden Dragon Pack

          Fishing Planet: Gars&Glory Pack

            Fishing Planet Anniversary Pack

              40000 CREDITS
              20 BAITCOINS
              1 MONTH PREMIUM
              45 Storage Slots
              4 Tackle Setups Slots

              FeatherLight™ 6'6'(200)NE
              BassCaster™ 7'3'(220)NE
              Zeus™ 8'2'(250)NE
              GalaxyCast™ 5'3'(160)NE
              EspiraSlim 2500SE
              Counsellor 3500P SE
              ThunderSpin® 5500SE
              Cyclone 5500SE

              Lines: Braid .004'(0.1mm) Braid .009'(0.23mm) Fluoro .024'(0.6mm)
              Medium 2Oz.(56g) 6/0(x2) Casting 1/4Oz.(7g) 1/0(x2) Narrow 3/4Oz.(21g) 3/0(x2)
              Shad 1'(3cm), 2'(5cm) Craw 1'(2.5cm), 4'(10cm) Worm 6'(15cm), 3'(7cm)
              Jig Heads: 3/4Oz.(21g) 3/0 1/4Oz.(7g) 1 2Oz.(56g) 6/0
              Frog-popper 5/8Oz.(18g) 3/0(x3) Walker 1/2Oz.(14g) 3/0(x3) Popper 1/4Oz.(7g) 1/0(x3)
              Crankbaits: 3 ft.(1m) 2/0 8 ft.(2.5m)3/0 30ft.(9m)6/0

              RIVERTEX™ HeadLite™ Fishing Cap
              GarryScott™ Bandicoot™ NE Jacket
              Rivertex™ LunarCase™ NE Rod Case
              Rivertex™ NightBox™ NE Lure Box
              FishCabin M Plus Keepnet

              ADVANCED LICENSES(30 days)

              1 player
              Network Players 2-64
              Online Play (Required)

              Software subject to license ( Online features require an account and are subject to terms of service and applicable privacy policy ( & One-time license fee for play on account’s designated primary PS4™ system and other PS4™ systems when signed in with that account.

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