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Real Farm - Potato Pack

SOEDESCO Publishing
Vehicle Released Mar 2, 2018
798 Ratings


It’s time to expand the Real Farm experience with the Potato Pack! This pack offers everything you need to farm potatoes with new machinery and vehicles. Complete tons of new jobs and become a true potato farmer!

● Grow a brand new crop: potatoes!
● Operate 2 new harvesters: the Rival PH-4 and the Rival PH-4X
● Utilize 5 new attachments to plant, cultivate and harvest your new potato fields
● Drive 3 new fun vehicles, the Ebon Q-Bike, the Hercules S-GT and the Ebon SUV.

1 player
2GB minimum save size

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Published by SOEDESCO®, Koddeweg 13, 3194 DH, Hoogvliet.