8-Bit Hordes - Deluxe Edition

SOEDESCO Publishing
Average rating 3.97 stars out of five stars from 139 ratings
    Fantasy Violence, Game Experience May Change During Online Play, Mild Blood


      8-Bit Hordes - Deluxe Edition

        8-Bit Hordes


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          Average rating 3.97 stars out of five stars from 139 ratings
          139 ratings
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          Includes 8-Bit Hordes.
          Includes 5 8-Bit Hordes avatars.
          Includes 3 8-Bit Hordes themes.

          8-Bit Hordes is a fast-paced and colorful fantasy RTS game that is easy to understand for everyone. Collect resources, build up and defend your base, amass your army of DeathSworn or Lightbringers and ultimately crush your opponents!

          SOEDESCO Publishing
          Strategy, Strategy, Strategy
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