Elite Slayer Kit

Elite Slayer Kit

Epic Games
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Blood, Violence
In-Game Purchases, Users Interact
  • Online play required

Prepare yourself for the many dangers lurking in the Shattered Isles!
​This bundle contains everything a Slayer needs to get ahead of the pack or boost their current adventures.

​Accelerate your weapon power and challenge rewards with 30 days of Slayers Club access, along with filling your coffers with the various currencies of the the Isles.
​Also, fill your backpack with all the tonics and pylons a growing Slayer needs.

​This bundle contains:
​- 30 day Slayers Club access (extends any existing membership)
​- 100,000 Rams
​- 1,000 Combat Merits
​- 1,000 Aetherdust
​- 50 Bounty Tokens
​- 25 Patrol Keys
​- 60 Stamina Tonics, 100 Frenzy Tonics, 100 Blitz Tonics, 60 Bulwark Tonics, 40 Lifespring Pylons, 40 Ironhide Pylons

Epic Games
Action, Adventure
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