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  • Puzzle
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LUXOR™ The Wrath of Set

Game Released Jan 14, 2010
59 Ratings


In LUXOR™ Wrath of Set, chains of balls are being pushed along a path by a scarab. Control the shooter at the bottom of the screen to fire spheres, which will break the chain of advancing balls. When a ball collides with the chain, it forces its way in at the point of impact. If the ball now forms a set of three or more same-colored spheres, then all of the touching balls in that group are destroyed. If any ball from the advancing chain enters the pyramid at the end of the path, you will lose the level and a life. The goal is to destroy all of the balls in the advancing chain.

In Story Mode, you travel along a path from Nile delta into Egypt, which is broken into stages. Each stage has multiple levels, and you must complete a level to move on to the next.

In Endless Tomb Mode, you can play individual levels. In a new game, you will be able to play any level in the first two levels of Story Mode, but others must be unlocked in Story Mode first before they’re available.

LUXOR™ Wrath of Set. ©2006 Copyright MumboJumbo, LLC. Published and distributed by MumboJumbo, LLC. All rights reserved.

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