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  • Fantasy Violence
  • Alcohol Reference

Dungeon Defenders II - What A Deal Pack

Trendy Entertainment LLC
Add-On Released Sep 10, 2019


Just starting out in Dungeon Defenders II? Grab this pack to get a kickstart into your adventure!

To redeem the items contained in the pack, visit and interact with the Mailbox in the Heroes Marketplace or Private Tavern[/b].

This pack contains:

2,000 Gems[/b] to purchase Heroes, Flair, Costumes and more. (500 Extra Gems!)

1 Inventory Bag[/b] to carry more loot (up to a max of 8 bags).

1 Bank Vault[/b] to store more items in town (up to a max of 12 vaults).

]Five Campaign Shard Packs[/b] to equip unique bonuses to your heroes and defenses.

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1-2 players
Network Players 2-4
Online Play (Required)

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