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  • Violence
  • Blood
  • Language
  • Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB
File Size
2.3 GB

Air Conflicts - Secret Wars Full Game Trial

Kalypso Media
Timed Trial
206 Ratings


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This game can be downloaded and is available for play for up to 60 minutes within 365 days of download. To continue playing, you may purchase the full game (requires re-download). At the point of game purchase, your progress will be saved and any earned trophies will be unlocked.

49 action-packed missions place you in real World War I and World War II scenarios.

Fight enemies in hair-racing dogfights, bomb targets on the ground and use missiles to wipe out enemy troops and vehicles.

Battle online and fight against up to 7 players in various modes.

Take to the skies in the most popular planes from World War I and II

1 player
150KB minimum save size
Network Players 2-8

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