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  • Action
  • Puzzle

Ray's The Dead

Ragtag Studio
Full Game


Ray’s the Dead is a game about Ray, a reluctantly resurrected zombie who, along with his swarm of zombie underlings, raises hell through unassuming suburban America during the last hurrah of the 1980’s.
You’ll make freaky new friends as you build a diverse zombie army while you guide Ray through an adventure unlike any you’ve experienced before! This is a game with real brraaains and heart.
• Explore Life & Death - Through unique playable flashback sequences, the player will not only play as Ray the zombie, but as Ray the living man.
• Visually Refreshing Art Style - Combine the charm of hand drawn 2D characters with the beauty of detailed 3D modeled environments.
• Craft & Control a Zombie Army - You'll start the game as a single zombie, Ray. You won’t be alone for long though as you convert your victims to members of Ray's army, each providing their unique abilities to his arsenal.
• An '80s Inspired Soundtrack

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Ragtag Studio LLC