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  • Mild Fantasy Violence
  • Language
File Size
247.19 MB

Jungle Rumble: Freedom, Happiness, and Bananas

Disco Pixel
Game Released Feb 10, 2015
14 Ratings


Mofongo Tribe lives deep in the jungle. They swing from trees under vast skies. They vie to throw coconuts the furthest. And they pursue the sweet flesh of the banana. Sustenance for the young. Delight for the old. When a rival tribe invades, to steal those bananas, a conflict ignites.

Fight back! Drum on monkeys and drum on trees to swing through the trees. Drum on coconuts and drum on invaders to throw coconuts at invaders. As monkeys muster the dynamic soundtrack swells with intensity, in real time. Send simian soldiers to salvation as the jungle moves to the beat.

Jungle Rumble has three worlds to explore. The 'PS Vita' is held vertically to capture the feeling of climbing tall trees deep in the jungle. Push back against the invaders to discover the roots of the conflict. Explore side quests to perfect the rhythms. Earn medals!

1 player(s)
4096KB Minimum

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