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      Average rating 2.73 stars out of five stars from 15 ratings
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      New simulation, more great deer hunting, increased challenges! Pro Deer Hunting Out West has both whitetail deer and mule deer hunting in any one of six hunting areas dispersed throughout three different states. Use your climbing stand to successfully call and still hunt for whitetail bucks. For the out west levels, use your drone to locate then stalk and hunt mule deer bucks with the aid of your map. Pro and action mode have returned with improved ballistics and artificial intelligence. Continue the tradition and become the new Pro Deer Hunter!

      * Pro mode and action mode hunting for whitetail and mule deer.
      * Six expansive hunting areas dispersed in three states; Kentucky, Oregon and New Mexico.
      * Use the drone feature in the out west states to pursue mule deer.
      * Firearm and bow range for target practice.
      * Firearms - scoped rifle, lever action rifle, muzzle loading rifle, pump shotgun, and compound bow.
      * Hunting gear included- climbing tree stand, drone, grunt tube, binoculars, and wind direction indicator.
      * Hunting Realism- trophy bucks, field hunting, deer tracks, scent detection, and blood trailing.
      * New campaign style metrics for earning trophies.

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