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  • Violence
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21.35 GB

Armored Warfare – Professional Pack

My.com B.V.
Bundle Released Feb 6, 2018


The pack of choice of true mercenary professionals. Contains the following progression boosts:

- 3.000.000 Credits
- 4,500 Gold
- 30 days of Premium Time

As well as the two Founder’s Pack-exclusive Premium vehicles – Object 430 ICE and OF-40 ICE. But that’s not all – true professionals don’t risk their own vehicles, they are paid to drive someone else’s, which is why this pack also contains 14 days of rent for the following vehicles:

- M60A3 ICE Tier 5 Premium Main Battle Tank
- T-72AV ICE Tier 5 Premium Main Battle Tank
- Leopard 2AV ICE Tier 6 Premium Main Battle Tank

And last but not least, this pack contains:

- Three camouflages
- Exclusive Founder’s Pack Commander
- Three Founder’s Pack decals and a Founder’s Pack avatar

Please note:

- Premium vehicles provide a number of bonuses to their users, including better Matchmaking and improved progression rate
- Premium Time increases your account’s progression rate
- Gold is a premium Armored Warfare currency

Professional pack owners will receive early access to Armored Warfare on PS4 – you will be able to start before anyone else. Do not miss this opportunity!

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