Armored Warfare – Starter Pack

  • In-game purchases optional
  • Online play optional

Launch your Private Military Company with the basic Starter Pack, containing items useful for every beginning mercenary:

- Type 59-IIA Legend Tier 3 Premium Main Battle Tank (Premium vehicles provide a number of bonuses to their users, including better Matchmaking and improved progression rate)
- 10 Gold Loot Crates (contain in-game boosts, Premium Time and other goodies)
- 7 days of Premium Time (increases your account’s progression rate)

The Type 59-IIA Legend is a Chinese Main Battle Tank, based on the highly successful Type 59 design – this particular vehicle was upgraded with western technology, including a powerful 105mm rifled cannon. It is a well-rounded vehicle without any major weaknesses, quite suitable for new players.

Online Play (Optional)

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