Armored Warfare – Starter Pack – Improved

  • In-game purchases optional
  • Online play optional

This pack contains heavy-duty equipment, perfect for the start of a long and prosperous mercenary career:

- Chieftain Mk.6 Tier 5 Premium Main Battle Tank (Premium vehicles provide a number of bonuses to their users, including better Matchmaking and improved progression rate)
- 10 Gold Loot Crates (contain in-game boosts, Premium Time and other goodies)
- 5 Platinum Loot Crates (contain in-game boosts, Premium Time and other goodies of superior quality)
- 30 days of Premium Time (increases your account’s progression rate)
- 10 Gold Battlefield Glory Boost Tokens (each gold token provides a major boost to your progression rate for 12 hours, stacks with Premium Time)

The Chieftain Mk.6 is an improved version of the legendary British Chieftain MBT. The Chieftain is a ponderous vehicle – what it lacks in speed, it more makes up for with its ability to wade through torrents of enemy fire thanks to its thick Stillbrew armor.

Online Play (Optional)

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