Slime Rancher: Secret Style Pack

Slime Rancher: Secret Style Pack

Monomi Park, LLC
Fantasy Violence

Discover the secret styles of all your favorite slimes!

“Secret styles” are a brand new type of 7Zee tech which allows you to give your slimes a fresh, new look! Search for special treasure pods throughout the Far, Far Range and discover each slime’s unique secret style.

Once you discover a slime’s secret style hidden in secret locations throughout the world, you will be able to re-style every slime of that type whenever you choose!

Secret styles in this DLC include:

• Sparkly (Pink Slime)
• Heavy Metal (Rock Slime)
• Tiger (Tabby Slime)
• Angelic (Phosphor Slime)
• Radiant (Rad Slime)
• Arcane (Boom Slime)
• Royal Jelly (Honey Slime)
• Lilypad (Puddle Slime)
• Ruby Red (Crystal Slime)
• Cheshire (Hunter Slime)
• Monochrome (Quantum Slime)
• Shattered (Mosaic Slime)
• Nebula (Dervish Slime)
• Nightshade (Tangle Slime)
• Devilish (Fire Slime)
• Pre-Jellasic (Saber Slime)
• Boomerang (Quicksilver Slime)
• Retro (Glitch Slime)
• Gilded (Gold Slime)
• Guardian (Lucky Slime)

1 player

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