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Paco - Brawlout

Angry Mob Games SRL
156 Ratings


What he lacks in grace, Paco more than makes up for in heart. A super fan of wrestling and boxing, his unorthodox fighting style somehow earned him the rank of Anuran’s Exemplar. Before his rise to stardom, Paco was a simple painter and the last person to be body slamming people in the ring.

Upon learning of the Exemplar trials, Paco signed up on a whim, knowing full well he wouldn't make it past the first round. But after donning a magical mask given to him by a mysterious peddler, Paco suddenly sprouted two extra arms. While most would be horrified by these new limbs, Paco was imbued with a new found confidence which saw him leaping head-first into the ring. Fighting like a frog possessed, Paco tore through the competition, taking down opponents in a frenzy of limbs, while screaming half-baked signature moves.

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