P3D/P5D: Song Season Pass

SEGA of America, Inc.

This season pass entitles you to the add-on tracks for Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight & Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight. Includes P3D/P5D: 'Tanaka's Amazing Commodities (ATLUS Kozuka Remix)', P3D/P5D: 'Voice (ATLUS Tsuchiya Remix)' Koromaru on a Walk, P3D/P5D: 'Memories of You', P3D/P5D: 'Battle Hymn of the Soul (PSB2017)', P3D/P5D: 'Heartful Cry (GAME SYMPHONY JAPAN)', P3D/P5D: 'Dance! (OP ver.)', P3D/P5D: 'Our Moment' (full version), P3D/P5D: 'Mass Destruction (PERSONA MUSIC FES 2013)', P3D/P5D: 'Shadow World (OP ver.)', P3D/P5D: 'Best Friends (OP ver.)', P3D/P5D: 'Break Out Of... (OP ver.)', P3D/P5D: 'changing me', P3D/P5D: 'Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There (OP ver.)', P3D/P5D: P5A 'BREAK IN TO BREAK OUT (OP ver.)', P3D/P5D: 'The Whims of Fate (PSB2017)', P3D/P5D: 'Life Will Change (GAME SYMPHONY JAPAN)', P3D/P5D: P5A 'INFINITY (ED ver.)', P3D/P5D: 'GROOVY' (full version), and the Persona Dancing: Persona Cinematic Selection.

Does not include the extra character tracks.

1 player

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