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Dragoon Avatar Pack 1

Dragoon Entertainment Ltd.
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Dragoon Avatar Pack 1 contains 25 Avatars:

From Dragooned:

-Dragooned - Pound Avatar
-Dragooned - Thormia Avatar
-Dragooned - Simon Avatar
-Dragooned - Claire Avatar
-Dragooned - Polydegmon Avatar
-Dragooned - Erin Avatar
-Dragooned - Cherry Avatar
-Dragooned - Alberto Avatar
-Dragooned - Mia Avatar
-Dragooned - Tara Avatar

From Skylight Freerange:

-Pixel Art Style - Mattress King Avatar
-Pixel Art Style - Lux Avatar
-Pixel Art Style - Betrayer Squad Avatar
-Pixel Art Style - Eternitus Avatar
-Pixel Art Style - Polydegmon Avatar
-Pixel Art Style - Czmrlzbj Avatar
-Pixel Art Style - Mia Avatar
-Pixel Art Style - Plague Mind van Zant Avatar
-Pixel Art Style - Beller Avatar
-Pixel Art Style - Earth God Gaius Avatar

From Skylight Freerange 2: Gachduine:

-Pixel Art Style - Berserker Squad Avatar
-Pixel Art Style - Carver Avatar
-Pixel Art Style - Mia Avatar (Gachduine)
-Pixel Art Style - Cosmic Horror Avatar
-Pixel Art Style - Devil van Zant Avatar

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