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Blood and Gore, Suggestive Themes, Violence
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Death is always fair. He treats both the poor and the rich equally. This is the concept of the 'Death Squad'. We will control a 'Death Squad' in the game, fighting to end the conflicts afflicting the whole world.
The background of the story is the beginning of the conflict between 3 forces. Each force has its own ideas and goals that it strives for in the game, following the story, players must control 3 main characters: Alex, Salman and Li Ying.
The game has a simple upgrading system. There are 9 weapons + a variety of character attributes in the game. Amongst them, 3 main weapons and all character attributes can be upgraded.
There are 4 types of scenes in the game: destroyed cities, quiet towns, deep canyons, and cities in dark night. There are more than 12 types of enemies in the game. We input sensations, data, and behavior into the game’s AI to let it have a human-like characteristics. Each enemy has unique attributes and detailed behavior in the game.

3D Display with compatible 3D glasses (sold separately) required for 3D features.

1 player
12GB minimum save size
3D Game

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