theHunter: Call of the Wild™ - Assorted Sidearms Pack

Expansive Worlds AB
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Add three versatile handguns to your hunting arsenal with the Assorted Sidearms Pack. These sidearms are ideal for self-defense against wild animal predators and a reliable alternative to your usual arsenal.

This Pack Contains:
- 10mm Davani (40A & G4LS): Semi-automatic pistol with a high-capacity clip for close- and mid-range use. Comes with a modified reflex sight.
- .243 R.Cuomo (Competitor & Champion): Break-action single-shot handgun for accurate long-range hunting.
- .45 Rolleston (Cavalry & Frontier): Classic Old West Americana revolver with great stopping power. Suitable for hunters who want to embrace their inner cowboy.
- New Ammunition Types: 10mm Auto Jacketed Hollow Point, 10mm Auto Hard Cast, .45 Flat Nose, and .45 Colt Full Metal Jacket.

Expansive Worlds AB
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