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Blood, Violence
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Blood, Violence


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Average rating 4.15 stars out of five stars from 377 ratings
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Take your big-game hunting to the next level with the Hunter Power Pack. This pack provides hunters with three unique bolt-action rifles known for their long-range precision and powerful performance.

New Weapons
Each rifle is compatible with two ammunition types and a variety of sights.

Tsurugi LRR .338
Get your hands on one of the most revered long-range rifles around. Ideal for long-range precision shots and fitted with a detachable 5-round-capacity magazine, this is a great choice for taking down big or dangerous game.

Malmer 7mm Magnum
Arguably one of the most popular hunting rifles ever made. The synthetic stock with a carbon steel barrel makes for a lightweight rifle, and combined with its tried and true performance, this is a highly versatile firearm that hunters across the world have come to rely on in the wild.

Olsson Model 23
Every inch of this modern bolt-action rifle is designed and manufactured with the utmost care and premium components. Chambered in the popular .308, and sporting features such as a fluted bolt design for smoother operation, a carbon fibre stock, and a stainless steel barrel, this is an excellent pick for any medium to big game.

New Cosmetics
The Hunter Power Pack also includes new Paints, Sprays, Materials, and Camos to customize your weapons.

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