Icewind Dale Skin & Feat Pack Bundle

Icewind Dale Skin & Feat Pack Bundle

Codename Entertainment Inc
  • In-game purchases optional
  • Online play required
  • 1 network player
  • Remote Play supported
Blood, Mild Language, Violence
In-Game Purchases

Inspired by the art of Max Dunbar, each of the Companions of the Hall has bundled up for their next blizzard-filled trip to Ten-Towns!

Collect all of the Icewind Dale Companions of the Hall Skins by picking this bundle up and collecting Icewind Dale Drizzt & his Hero of Ten-Towns Feat from the new in-game Gem Store!

Skins are alternate looks for your Champions that you can swap in and out whenever you want!

Feats are small Champion-specific buffs that can be unlocked and assigned to your Champions. They offer an additional level of customization for your favorite Champions — and may even provide some new formation opportunities!

Unlocks the following event Champions (if you haven't already unlocked them in game): Catti-brie, Regis & Wulfgar

Includes the following Skins & Feats:
Bruenor's Icewind Dale Skin & his King of Mithral Hall Feat
Catti-brie's Icewind Dale Skin & her Trained in the North Feat
Regis' Icewind Dale Skin & his Ruby Reflection Feat
Wulfgar's Icewind Dale Skin & his Dwarven Raised Feat

Includes the following Chests, Potions and Shiny Equipment Cards:
7 Gold Supply Chests
7 Catti-brie Gold Event Chests with 1 Guaranteed Shiny Equipment Card
7 Regis Gold Event Chests with 1 Guaranteed Shiny Equipment Card
7 Wulfgar Gold Event Chests with 1 Guaranteed Shiny Equipment Card
1 Potion of Polish

Codename Entertainment Inc
Strategy, Unique
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