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  • Educational
  • Brain Training
File Size
32.78 MB

TestYourself: Psychology XL (Bundle)

Creat Studios Inc.
85 Ratings


Are you paying enough attention to yourself? TestYourself is a series of interactive psychology games designed to test and evaluate how your brain functions, and to train your abilities. It includes fun exercises and training aids, designed by professional psychologists to test the various aspects of your personality and its development.
The outward simplicity of TestYourself games belies the amount of work put into them by practicing psychology experts. All the methods used in the game's development are backed by serious scientific research.
The basic TestYourself: Psychology set allows you to test your Nervous System, your Reaction and your IQ. Additional packs TestYourself: Memory and TestYourself: Attention are available to evaluate your Memory and Attention.
Start exploring and enhancing yourself — TestYourself!

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