NOBUNAGA'S AMBITION: Taishi: 'Akiyori Tamura' 'Teruko Akai'

Mild Violence
    Mild Violence

    Akiyori Tamura, a master strategist who supported the Tamura clan, and Teruko Akai, grandmother to Kai-hime and the strongest female warrior of the Sengoku period can make an appearance in the game with this special officer data.

    ▼How to use
    Under 'Edit Created Officers,' set Akiyori Tamura and Teruko Akai to 'Active' under 'Active/Standby' to allow them to appear in the game.

    *You must have the latest patch installed in order to use this content.

    Remote Play requires PS Vita system and sufficiently robust Wi-Fi connection.

    1 player
    150MB minimum save size
    Remote Play

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