Nelke & the LA: Extra stories


    Note: This scenario pack is a part of 'Legendary Town Building Set' Season Pass.

    The long-awaited epilogue episodes for Nelke and her companions!
    An abundance of content, featuring new characters and new fresh illustrations from NOCO!

    ■ Nelke & Lotos
    ■ Pamela's Secret
    ■ Misty & Knoss, and other short episodes
    ■ New characters and introduction episodes

    ≪New Characters≫
    Lise, Annie, Lina, Daglass, Ingrid, Hermina, Arlin, Veola, Fee, Pamelas and Hagels from various dimensions.

    ● Note:
    The following conditions must be met before progressing to extra story content:
    - The term was extended.
    - The Granzweit Tree was discovered.

    When the extra story content is unlocked, it will become possible to visit Misty, Knoss, and Lotos on Holidays.
    The episodes for additional characters are triggered through visits. These can be accessed before the unlocking of extra story content.

    Remote Play requires PS Vita system and sufficiently robust Wi-Fi connection.

    1 player
    7MB minimum save size
    Remote Play

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