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Alcohol and Tobacco Reference, Blood and Gore, Language, Suggestive Themes, Violence
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Fate/Samurai Remnant DEMO


    Fate/Samurai Remnant DEMO


      Standard Edition

      • Fate/Samurai Remnant

      Digital Deluxe Edition

      • Fate/Samurai Remnant
      • Digital Artbook & Soundtrack
      • Fate/Samurai Remnant Season Pass
      • Hallowed Relic Sword Mountings


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      “Your wish shall perish...” A Holy Grail War begins in Edo Japan.
      The curtain rises on a new Fate, presented by TYPE-MOON and KOEI TECMO GAMES.

      - A brand new Fate set in Edo, mid-17th century Japan
      In the Waxing Moon Ritual, seven pairs of Masters and Servants, historical Heroic Spirits that possess overwhelming power, vie for the omnipotent wish granter — the Waxing Moon. Only one can emerge victorious from the Ritual. Join the fierce battle in Edo from the perspective of Miyamoto Iori, a ronin who studied the Niten Ichiryu style of swordsmanship, and his Servant Saber who suddenly appeared before him.

      In this demo, you can play the early stages of the game. The Apprentice difficulty level is recommended for players who seek a casual combat experience and would like to focus on enjoying the story.
      Please visit the official website for more information about the gameplay.

      Supervision: Kinoko Nasu / TYPE-MOON
      Character Design: Rei Wataru
      Story Supervisors: Hikaru Sakurai, Yuichiro Higashide
      Development: KOEI TECMO GAMES
      In Cooperation with ANIPLEX
      Opening Animation Production: CloverWorks
      Genre: Action RPG

      Note: Save data from the Fate/Samurai Remnant DEMO can be carried over to the full version if there is no existing save data for the full version (both physical & digital).

      Note:Save data from the PlayStation🄬4 version of the demo cannot be transferred to the PlayStation🄬5 version of the demo, and vice versa.

      KOEI TECMO America
      Action, Role Playing Games
      Screen Languages:
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