AeternoBlade II: Infinity

Average rating 4.06 stars out of five stars from 129 ratings
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  • PS4 Version
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AeternoBlade II Infinity


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        AeternoBlade I&II Saga



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          Average rating 4.06 stars out of five stars from 129 ratings
          129 ratings

          The ultimate AeternoBlade experience — now in stunning 4K. Wield devastating powers over time in AeternoBlade Infinity. With refined, balanced gameplay, master every slash, warp, and reversal through visually striking dimensional battles.

          Join Bernard, Freyja and newcomer Aeonis on a new quest to restore the AeternoBlades. Journey through a narrative-rich chronicle, fusing exploration, puzzles and strategic action. Each character brings unique strengths. customize roles with relics to fit your play style.

          Conquer remastered enemies and environments. Navigate complex ruins and mystical forests, uncovering hidden routes. Solve temporal puzzles and engage diversified combat, now with updated 3D and 2.5D perspectives.

          AeternoBlade Infinity time-bends the genre with smoother graphics, intuitive controls and balanced difficulty. Dive into the most vivid edition yet, pushing speed and skills to the limits across intricately designed levels. Wield the blade and defy eternity!

          Harness the AeternoBlade – and defy the abyss in this sequel to the fast-paced action/puzzle platformer. In AeternoBlade II, use the power of time itself to outwit your enemies and explore mysterious new dimensions. Jump between frenetic combat encounters and intriguing puzzle segments that require ingenious use of time.

          Play as three unique characters – including returning heroine Freyja, and newcomers Felix and Bernard, as they journey across dimensions in a desperate struggle against the destruction of the Dark Abyss.

          Overwhelm your foes - by stringing together a massive hit count of relentless combos. Agile attack movements and the power of time are at your disposal in visually-striking, rapid combat.

          Manipulate time, eliminate enemies – and overcome all obstacles. Use techniques, such as Time Stop, Warp, and Reversal to outwit powerful bosses and solve creative puzzles.

          Adventure, Action, Puzzle
          English, Thai
          Screen Languages:
          Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), English, French (France), German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Thai
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