Hunt: Showdown - Meridian Turncoat

Deep Silver
Blood and Gore, Violence
Users Interact
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Blood and Gore, Violence
Users Interact

This DLC contains one Legendary Hunter, two Legendary weapons and one Legendary Ammo Box.

- The Turncoat (one hunter)
- Dolch 96 pair Crossfire & Ambush (two weapons)
- Red Cask (Ammo Box)

The sun sets slow westward, blanketing the sky red and drawing the shadows out long on the meridian. Where the land hollows and dries, where undergrowth turns to scrub and dust, linger and traipse the remnants of bloodshed. There are those broken by engines of war and industry in the East, turned to something not quite resembling the human that once was. Faulty mechanisms still ticking, without purpose, working away at redundant tasks.

The Turncoat was one such tool of industry and war. Once broken in, Wim Jansen was given new purpose: guns to kill with and a regiment to kill for. All were sent West to bleed the land dry. But the bloodshed coagulated in Red Cask Gulch, where Jansen lost his colors. The only survivor of an ambush that claimed the lives of his men, Jansen was saved by a flash flood that washed the killing floor downstream, purifying the gulch of slaughter.

Rising from the mud two days later with only the Dolch pair Crossfire and Ambush, an Ammo Box he named for the Gulch, and the tags of his fallen friends, Jansen set off across the plain seeking revenge – only to find himself dubbed a turncoat and a traitor in his absence. After his vengeance was sated, the name stuck, but The Turncoat was already caught on the meridian of blood, and set off along it in pursuit of more violence.

Deep Silver
Shooter, Action, Shooter
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