Terraformers: New Frontiers

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The ‘New Frontiers’ DLC for Terraformers adds the option to found outposts on other celestial bodies in the Solar System. Explore the dangerous atmosphere of Venus, adapt to the massive gravity field of Jupiter or research the mysterious rings of Saturn.


Expeditions - Decide which celestial bodies should be explored by your astronauts.
Settle - Establish outposts in up to 8 different locations across the solar system and develop them into large settlements that can send resources and unique technologies back to Mars.
Trade - Identify system-wide resource shortages and export these for extra benefit.
Events - Decide the fate of these new locations with 8 new events.
Leaders - Lead your Martian society in different ways with 3 new leaders.
Projects - Focus on interplanetary development with 5 new space projects, 2 new city buildings, 3 regional buildings and a technology.
Scenario - Take on the challenge of a new longer scenario.
Music - Accomplish all of this while listening to a new music track.

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