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Blood, Violence
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A pump-action 2D side-scrolling game with different enemy types. Along with a jump-to-the-roof mechanic that spices up the combat.
Avoid traps, survive enemy encounters, and upgrade your weapons and gear to overcome the challenges.

Deep beneath the surface, in a dark and ominous lair, dwell the horrifying creatures known as the Vosari. Out of fear of their emergence, the Armada has sent a squadron of marines to clear out the lair. However, none have returned from the dangerous mission.
In this thrilling adventure, you play as a brave scout who is tasked with the dangerous mission of delving deep into the Vosari lair to discover the whereabouts of the missing marines. As you explore the treacherous depths of the lair, you will face many encounters with the vicious Vosari.
To overcome the challenges, you must be resourceful and find weapons and upgrades that will improve your chances of survival. Keep in mind that the Vosari are relentless and formidable opponents, and the success of your mission depends on your skills and bravery. Good luck!

- Find Weapons left behind by the missing Marines.
- Enhance your guns with Alt-Fire upgrades.
- Discover hidden secrets stashed with equipment.
- Gravity-belt that allows you to walk on the roof.

Johnny Ostad
Action, Action
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