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Blood and Gore, Strong Language, Use of Drugs, Violence
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  • PS5 Version
    Vibration function and trigger effect supported (DualSense wireless controller)


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The chilling aftermath of The Chant unleashes an all-new nightmare in The Gloom Below DLC. After Jess and Kim escape the horrors of Glory Island, they are hurtled into the depths of a surreal and twisted merging of The Gloom and the physical world.

Only by working alongside the cursed Anton Family can you find the solution to avoid their fate. Follow the storied trail of trapped cultists as you leverage their knowledge of Prismic Science to upgrade your abilities and craft new weapons. With your mind under attack, you must fight your way through dangerous encounters and gather the ingredients required to destroy the heart of The Gloom.

This expansion offers a challenging new structure that encourages replayability and experimentation to survive.

Navigate the deepest dimension of The Gloom, where fear and surreal wonder coalesce into a twisted tapestry of horror. Each attempt presents both opportunities and perils as you delve into the realm's unearthly secrets. Search for clues and charge the prismic crystals on Monroe’s occult mask, then return to the Nexus to prepare for the next challenge with renewed vigor.

With the Gloom chipping away at Jess' sanity, her mind and body are under constant threat. New entities lurk, watching from the shadows, and brutal creatures relentlessly hunt you down. To survive, you must fight hard and think strategically, managing your inventory and adapting tactics. Bring down a host of teleporting Hyperleeches with the power of plasma as you charge up the iridescent blade to slice through the evasive Skulks.

Death provides its rewards as you return to the Nexus to upgrade your abilities and earn new weapons. Drain the energy from Monroe and his acolytes to unlock 18 new ability modifiers that stack and combine powerful effects to damage, evade, or immobilize your enemies. Different creatures have weaknesses that must be exploited in dangerously creative ways.

Prime Matter
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