Drug Reference, Fantasy Violence, Mild Language
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    Vibration function and trigger effect supported (DualSense wireless controller)
Drug Reference, Fantasy Violence, Mild Language


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Mod Pack 1 contains the following mods:

Dog Companion by DimasVoxel
Adorable dog companion that spawns next to you on any level. Pet your companion to make it happy! Follows you everywhere and can play fetch.

Oak Village by Caffeine Power
A beautiful village by the lake, visit the blacksmith, go to the market or dig in the fields.

A California House by eli
A house in sunny California, if you're used to the typical Löckelle weather you better remember to put on sunscreen! Features both a well crafted sandbox experience and a heist mission!

Vacuum Cleaner by My Cresta
With this vacuum cleaner you'll never find yourself tidying up debris ever again. Suck up small objects with ease and it gets even better - you can spit them back out. Genius!

Swatch Whip created by Autumnatic
Need to practice your driving skills? Then this vehicle puzzle mod is for you, steer your vehicle and vehicles towards victory.

Teardown Touring Cars created by el Boydo
Race against competing AI controlled cars on multiple tracks spread across Löckelle, see you at the Norrbotten Hills Raceway!

Zenitka created by Dzage
Did someone order a portable anti-aircraft cannon? Just imagine, unlimited ammo and lots of explosions! Get your hands on this one-of-a-kind cannon!

Armanty Space Station by Caffeine Power
A sci-fi, space station sandbox for you to explore, populate or destroy as you wish.

Hook Shotgun by My Cresta
Why would anyone add a grapple hook to a shotgun? Because why not! You can use this both to swing between buildings and to pull objects.

Cliff House by gusono
An impressive mansion overhanging a tall cliff.

Destructible robots by Dima
The robots are on the rise and they are out to get you, survive wave after wave of menacing robots.

French Town by OzJackaroo
This quaint little french town set during the start of WW2 is full of details (and secrets) for you to explore!

The Gamma Laser Ablation and Radiation Emitter gun (GLARE for short) was the latest in weapons development from Quilez Robotics' R&D department. Before you stole it.

High Tech Drone by My Cresta
High Tech Drone with smooth enjoyable movement and lots of cool features. Most notably the grappling hook.

Lightning Ball by Dzage, Deffcolony
Feel like a real wizard. The mod adds the ability to shoot deadly and destructive lightning balls.

Miniature World v1.1 by Spencer Johnson
Miniature World a mod that adds a cool map with many interesting details, Easter eggs and more. You will find a big city, parking lots, vehicles, mountains, open locations, asphalt (and not only) roads and ect.

Mr.Randoms Vehicles by Mr.Random
Discover over a hundred different cars! Differentiate your gameplay.

Inverted Pyramid House by gusono
An eerie mansion in an eerie place. What will you find inside? why is it shaped like a Pyramid?

Quilez manipulator by Thomasims
The quilez manipulator is a general-purpose physics manipulation device that lets you handle, reposition, and rotate objects ("props") of any size as long as they're detached from the ground.

TeaREX by tislericsm
To quote John Hammond, “We have a T-Rex!”. This beast will try and bite your head off if you don’t keep your distance.

Saber Interactive, Inc
Simulation, Action, Strategy
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