Aliens: Fireteam Elite - Frontier Freelancer Pack

Cold Iron Studios LLC
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  • Online play optional
  • 1 player
  • 3 online players


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Included FREE with the Aliens: Fireteam Elite DELUXE EDITION or available for individual purchase.

Customize your Aliens: Fireteam Elite experience with the following items:
- 7 APEsuit Mk.3 Kit Skins (Demolisher, Doc, Gunner, Lancer, Phalanx, Recon, and Technician Kits)
- 7 Seegson Maintenance Kit Skins (Demolisher, Doc, Gunner, Lancer, Phalanx, Recon, and Technician Kits)
- APEsuit Mk.3 Helmet Head Accessory
- Mask - Skull Head Accessory
- Pilot Helmet Head Accessory
- Night Vision Goggles Head Accessory
- Obsidian Volcanic Animated Weapon Color
- Obsidian Black Weapon Color
- Obsidian Helenite Weapon Color
- Matte Midnight Color
- Matte Sandstone Weapon Color
- Matte Evergreen Weapon Color
- Summer Solace Weapon Color
- Grim Salvage Weapon Color
- Meet Your Makers Weapon Decal
- Graphic Twist Weapon Decal
- Never Say Die Weapon Decal
- Wing Weapon Decal
- Mimic Synth Emote
- Hail to the Chief Emote
- This is BS Emote
- Air Fiddle Emote
- 3 Random Challenge Cards, 3 Random Consumables
- A Bonus bundle of Requisition Credits and Rep Scrip

PS4, PS5
Cold Iron Studios LLC
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