MFC - Midnight Fight Club

Average rating 1.34 stars out of five stars from 143 ratings
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Blood, Language, Suggestive Themes, Violence
  • Offline play enabled
  • 1 player


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Average rating 1.34 stars out of five stars from 143 ratings
143 ratings

MFC - Midnight Fight Club brings the raw intensity and excitement of professional mixed martial arts fighting right to your fingertips. With unparalleled graphics, a diverse roster of fighters, and realistic physics, this is the fighting game you've been waiting for.

Dynamic Combat System
Choose from two types of attacks—weak and heavy—to outwit your opponents. Nail the timing, and you could land a devastating blow. But be careful, timing is everything!
Defensive Maneuvers
Tired of button mashing? Our game rewards strategic fighting. Block incoming attacks, dodge out of the way, or use your custom stats to outclass your opponent.
Stun Mechanism
Land a special combo to stun your opponent. A stunned enemy can't defend or counterattack, giving you a precious window to unleash your most powerful moves.
League Progression
Begin your career in the Rookie Rumble and fight your way through 10 challenging leagues, each more difficult than the last. Do you have what it takes to conquer the Ultimate Titan League?
Epic Boss Fights
Each league culminates in an epic boss battle. These bosses are not your typical fighters; they have unique abilities and patterns. Strategy is key!
Customizable Characters
Personalize your fighter's stats—Speed, Health, Stamina, Power, and Defense—to match your fighting style. Adapt and evolve to climb the ranks.
AI That Challenges You
Our AI learns from your fighting style. It dodges, blocks, and counterattacks like a pro. Adapt your strategy to conquer challenging opponents.

Why You'll Love MFC - Midnight Fight Club:
• Realistic Physics: Experience lifelike combat with our state-of-the-art physics engine.
• High-End Graphics: Our top-notch graphics make every punch, kick, and block feel incredibly real.
• Player Rewards: Earn rewards as you progress through leagues and special events.
• Regular Updates: Frequent updates add new characters, moves, and features to keep the action fresh.

Sport, Action, Fighting
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