Cowboy Duel: Red Wild West Massacre

GameToTop Corporation LTD
Average rating 3.26 stars out of five stars from 27 ratings
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  • Offline play enabled
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Average rating 3.26 stars out of five stars from 27 ratings
27 ratings

Enter the lawless world!

The Wild West, where revolvers make the law and duels decide fate. In "Cowboy Duel" become a legend and challenge the ruthless world of the Wild West, fighting for fame and fortune.
Choose one of the charismatic characters and challenge dangerous criminals in duels where your life is at stake.
Epic battles await you in various towns, where each level is a new challenge. Calculate every step, choose the moment to shoot and take cover. Use the environment: hide behind buildings and telegraph poles to avoid enemy bullets.

Earn money for duels, improve your weapons and buy more powerful bullets. With each level, the enemies will become stronger, requiring new strategies and better weapons.
Travel the Wild West, explore picturesque towns, meet colorful characters and complete challenging missions on each level.

Prove your superiority, accept the challenge of the Wild West, where only the bravest and most accurate can become legends. Take part in Cowboy Duel and show that your revolver shoots faster than your shadow!

GameToTop Corporation LTD
Fighting, Shooter, Simulation
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