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  • Violence
  • Blood and Gore
  • Mild Language
  • Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB
File Size
28.11 MB


Sony Interactive Entertainment
570 Ratings


This bundle includes:
• RANGER PACK - Uniform, LHO-63 Camper, Humblebee UAV
• COMMANDO PACK - Uniform, SMG-34 Ninja, MLS-4X Commando
• DEFENDERS PACK - Uniform, CR-9 Suppressor, AD-334 Guard Dog
• SUPPORT PACK - Uniform, LAS-16 Sickle, AD-289 Angel
• SPECIALIST PACK - Uniform, LAS-12 Tanto, Close Air Support
• HAZARD OPS PACK - Uniform, AR-14D Paragon, TOX-13 Avenger
• PILOT PACK - Uniform, AC-5 Arc Shotgun, EXO-48 Obsidian
• DEMOLITIONIST PACK - Uniform, MG-105 Stalwart, REC-6 Demolisher
• PISTOLS PERK PACK - P6 Gunslinger, FLAM-24 Pyro, PLAS-3 Singe
• ENTRENCHED PACK - AT-47 Anti-Tank, Anti-Personnel Barrier, SH-32 Shield
• VEHICLES PACK - TD-110 Bastion, MC-109 Hammer, EXO-51 Lumberer
• WEAPONS PACK - PLAS-1 Scorcher, M-25 Rumbler, AC-22 Dum Dum
• 'PS4' Dynamic Theme

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