Bloodborne™ - Messenger Yharnam Hat DLC

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Average rating 4.85 stars out of five stars from 776 ratings
Blood and Gore, Violence
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  • Supports up to 5 online players with PS Plus
Blood and Gore, Violence


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Average rating 4.85 stars out of five stars from 776 ratings
776 ratings
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Download the Messenger Yharnam Hat skin DLC for use in the game. Messengers are nightmare creatures that hold your messages for other players, and guard your tombstone upon your death so other players can catch a glimpse of your final moments of life. This unique skin lets your personal messengers don stylish top hats wherever they go.

Note: To use this item in the game, players must go to the backyard next to the Final Ritual Alter in the Hunter's Dream and pick up the corresponding item near the Stump Messenger. After doing so, this Messenger DLC can be equipped by interacting with the Stump Messenger.

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