Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • 1 player
Blood, Violence
  • 1 player

Experience Primal™ originally released on the PS2™ system with up-rendering and Trophies.

The battle to save the outside world starts within as Jen Tate—a modern-day girl—faces the demons of an immortal realm and discovers her own supernatural origin.
• Assume a host of savage demon forms each with their own unique powers and abilities.
• Meet Scree, an ancient and powerful ally.
• Switch between Jen and Scree at any time, but pick wisely.
• Dramatic combat system with devastating combos, finishing moves and stealth attacks.
• Engage legions of enemies.
• Intricate weave of plot and multiple sub-plots span four distant demon realms.

This title has been converted from the PS2™ (PlayStation®2) version to the PlayStation®4 console. Consequently, there may be times where the title plays differently from the PS2™ (PlayStation®2) version, or where some features may cause the title to not function properly. This version does not support the PS2™ (PlayStation®2) system’s peripherals, therefore some functionality may not be available.

Sony Interactive Entertainment
Adventure, Action, Adventure
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