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  • Violence
  • Blood and Gore
  • Suggestive Themes
  • Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB
  • Role-Playing Games (RPG)
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Soul Sacrifice™ The Cobbler Triplets and the Old Master

Sony Interactive Entertainment
Level Released Aug 20, 2013
481 Ratings


Two new bosses (Incubus and Beelzebub), 8 new missions will be added to the game. New missions can be accessed from Librom - Read Journal - Mad Chronicle - Inside Avalon - Avalon Pacts - Forgotten Pacts.

(Incubus back story) The painter had a talent for crafting unsaleable works. Yet pride outweighed his ambition, and he refused to compromise his vision to suit the masses. And so the man went poor. Though he was content to live in stoic subsistence, his wife and children found it less appealing. They urged him to sell his brushes and find a new career. One that paid. The artist was consumed with loneliness. Sales dwindled even further. The man increasingly felt the weight of his lofty aesthetic standards. Days of destitution stretched into months, until even the hope of ever escaping poverty was snuffed. One day, the painter had a dream.
Its contents were scandalous. Obscene in the extreme. Yet he was gripped with conviction...

(Leprechaun back story) There once lived a set of triplets, born to a renowned cobbler. The shoes their father made were comfortable beyond compare, and favoured by many in the nobility. For his part, the cobbler intended to pass along his knowledge and his business with it. Each of the triplets felt they were the worthiest successor, and they improved by leaps and bounds through constant competition. Given equal skill, convention suggested that it would be the eldest that would inherit. Unless he could surpass them clearly, incontrovertibly, he knew he stood no chance. In the course of his efforts, he concluded that it was the materials that decided a shoe's quality. These experiments brought to light a certain pattern...

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