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Tecmo KOEI America
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    3 stages have been added to Free Mode.
    Additionally, a new Ambition Mode camp symbol 'Tiger Generals' has also been added.
    The new stages can be selected by going to SELECT STAGE - DLC.
    The new camp symbol CAMP MANAGEMENT -- CHANGE CAMP SYMBOL.

    Added Scenarios:
    'Defeat Wei Yan'
    With the Sleeping Dragon gone, Wei Yan leads a revolt in Shu. Lure Wei Yan from the mountaintop and stop his revolt!
    'The Way through Hanzhong'
    Wu Forces in Hanzhong are ordered to reinforce Jiangling. Overrun the forces opposing you and clear the battlefield!
    'Flight through Yong Province'
    Xiaoqiao and Daqiao start a race in Yong Province. Race for the goal while defeating all who rise in your way!

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    Video output in Full HD 1080p requires 1080p native display.

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    Additional hardware required for Interconnectivity.

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    2-2 players
    Network Players 2-2
    11MB minimum save size
    Remote Play
    Interconnectivity PS4™ • PS Vita
    1080p HD Video Output
    Online Play (Optional)

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