Soul Sacrifice™ Additional Quest: The Iron Lady's Tears of Red
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  • Blood and Gore
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Soul Sacrifice™ Additional Quest: The Iron Lady's Tears of Red

Sony Computer Entertainment America
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    Additional Quest: The Iron Lady's Tears of Red

    A pact is added and activated at game boot.

    This additional pact can be accessed in the later pages from “Librom” => “Read Journal” => “ Mad Chronicle” => “Inside Avalon” => “Avalon Pacts” => “Forgotten Pacts ” = > Hour of Silver in the main menu.

    - One new boss (Iron Maiden)
    - 8 new quests

    (Iron Maiden back story) There once was a fine city, and within it a young knight. He was handsome and strong both: the perfect man. And the ladies of the city took notice. In this fine city there also lived a plain girl. She, too, was among the women who harboured feelings for the young knight. But she knew he was far beyond her grasp, and locked her feelings away deep within her heart. The young knight marched off to battle, and returned with grievous wounds. His bedside saw an endless parade of well-wishing women eager to tend to his needs. Their aim was less to mend the young knight's body than to steal away his heart.
    They bickered and shoved, desperate to claw their way ahead in line to see him. The plain girl was struck with anxiety.
    By no means wealthy, she lacked the means to procure even a suitable get-well gift for the ailing knight. Perhaps some flowers, thought she. And so she went afield to pick some. With bouquet in hand, she set off for the young knight's home. But the sight there froze her in her footsteps. A flock of women wreathed him, eagerly nursing him to health, each one prettier than the finest flower she had found. She crushed the flowers she had toiled to gather underfoot. Anger and exasperation took her in waves...

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