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PlayStation®Move Fitness™ Demo

Sony Computer Entertainment America
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    To use this download, you will need two PlayStation®Move motion controllers and a PlayStation®Eye camera.

    Step into your private virtual gym and get in shape with PlayStation®Move Fitness™, the exercise game that uses the PlayStation®Move motion controller’s pinpoint accuracy to help you tone up and get fit. With a motion controller in each hand, enjoy over 25 intense exercises and stress-busting games while your very own personal trainer helps drive you towards your fitness goals.

    With many innovative features – like the option to work out to your own music collection and the ability to send challenges to your friends – PlayStation®Move Fitness™ is a high-tech way to exercise that helps you shape up while you have fun.

    This trial gives you the opportunity to try out three exercises: throw punches at the heavy bag to let off steam in Heavy Bag Targets, discover that squats can be fun in Pickup and follow your trainer’s movements to hit the targets as they light up in Cross Punching.

    If you enjoy this trial, purchase the full game to experience the complete range of fun-filled exercises and begin a fitness program tailor-made for you.

    2 PlayStation®Move motion controllers and PlayStation®Eye required (sold separately).
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    ©2012 Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. “PlayStation Move Fitness” is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC. Developed by Coldwood Interactive. “PlayStation” is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

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